Sunday, November 25, 2007

Marlene and Denzel Profile

Marlene Profile
Marlene is the youngest daughter of Barrett's friend, Dyne and Eleanor. She adopted by Barrett after Dyne and Eleanor die during Corel's burning event and left with Elmyra during the game, she is kidnapped by Reeve. At the end of the game, which has been sent to Kalm by Reeve to keep it safe. In Advent Children, she live with Cloud, Tifa and an orphan named Denzel, while Barrett searching for new energy sources. In the Advent Children, her hair style is similar to Aerith, it is assumed that the ribbon that Marlene uses in her hair is, in fact is Aerith's ribbon.

Denzel Profile
Denzel a young boy brown hair. His role in this movie is minimal, but from a novel information Denzel parents, a worker Shinra, Abel and a woman named Chloe, it was stated that they are died during the Sector 7 destruction Final Fantasy VII. Before his death, Abel appointed a Denzel Inhabitant Sector 5 named Arkham, and then was raised by Ruvie Tuesti, Reeve's mother. When Ruvie dies in the chaos resulting from Lifestream burst at the end of Final Fantasy VII, Denzel sit in the ruins of Midgar. Rix, a new friend, which helps gather materials for the construction of the new town, Edge. Rix finally leaves Denzel, which is vague and eventually found by Tifa.

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