Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Selphie Tilmitt Profile

Selphie Tilmit (Selphie Tillmit) is one of the protagonists in the RPG Final Fantasy games made by SquareEnix. Appears in the Final Fantasy VIII, as an apprentice SeeD of Trabia Garden, known to the rest of characters in examining graduation for SeeDs. She is the second character that meets during the history of FF8. She is 17 years . Early in the game, Selphie clashes with Squall in a corridor of the Balamb Garden. In Dollet, she was used as a messenger, but after Seifer leave the party, Selphie take over his place and Join with Squall and Zell

Selphie when first meet in Dollet
She is active and strong, but a bit clumsy, but very serious in his work, respectful and polite with her superiors. Despite appearing defenseless, Selphie is actually a formidable and determined fighter. Although physical level is less than warriors as Squall and Zell. When Selphie's HP are minimized, in fact, She can use her Limit, Slots, thanks to the technique which can use the same magic for more ordinary times, or use a special "The End" spell. Techniques special secondary Selphie are 4 spells that can be used only by you and by no other character of FF8. The technique special Selphie is the use of random spells, which are repeated at most 5 times (as many times as is random spells). . She participates in many extracurricular activities, such as planning and Garden Festival, as well as Garden's website that is constantly updated.. She uses nunchaku in battle, and Limit Break is slot, which allows the player to cast a spell at random on numerous occasions. When Galbadia missile launchers in Trabia Garden, which reacts with outrage and helps destroy the missile base. Throughout the game, she returns to her proximity to children Irvine, who serves as his co-pilot in Ragnarok. Selphie maintains a close relationship with Irvine Kinneas, SeeD Garden of Galbadia, but nothing ever happens.

Selphie was the second character Nomura draw after Squall, intentionally giving it an impractical hairstyle. When initially designed Selphie, Nomura noted in his overol. However, He realized that none of the characters are wearing a skirt. In the end, he gave Selphie a mini skirt and let Quistis have pants. In the series Kingdom Hearts, Nomura included a younger version of Selphie as a resident of Destiny Islands

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