Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quitis Trepe Profile

Quistis Trepe is one of my favorite female character in Final Fantasy VII other than Rinoa. She has very great ability, because of her ability she became member of SeeD at 15 years old and she able to reach instructor position of SeeD in Balamb garden at 17 years old. She uses a chain whip in the battle and Limit Break "Blue Magic" which allows you to mimic monsters' attacks. Unlike his appearances calm and bold, she is known to be difficult to deal with her disappointments. Emotionally, Quistis is insecure and prone to depression, though she tries to maintain a calm person. Early in the game, Quistis remain as an instructor because she leadership qualities. " Later, she maintains a more informal relationship with the other characters as a member of SeeD.
First meet with Quistis in Balamb Garden

Quistis stayed in an orphanage with most of the main characters in her child story. Then she lived with his adoptive parents, with never developed in any intimacy, before moving to Balamb Garden at the age of ten. She became a SeeD member at fifteen years and became instructor two years later. Quistis initially joins Squall to prepare for his next exam on the ground. Subsequently, making Squall in his confidence and told him personally on their degradation. She lost most of her memories because same like other character, when they trained in Balamb Garden, for pay that used GF's in the battle they should lost their memories replaced with GF's abilities. When Irvine updates the main characters of memory on the orphanage, she remember that Squall's antisocial behavior began when Ellone. Squall figure an elder sister , unexpectedly left the orphanage. As a result of these revelations, Quistis acknowledges that her feelings are more than Squall's sister. Later, she criticizes when Squall nearly abandoned Rinoa, his romantic interest.

The design of the characters, Tetsuya Nomura wanted at least one woman to wear a skirt. Quistis was initially supposed to fill this part, but Nomura decided a long skirt pants that she used for more than a better image. The role was finally passed to Selphie. Nomura was surprised when the writers cast her as a teacher, despite being about the same age as the rest of the group.

Quistis without her glasses

Later after the credit roll in Final Fantasy VII ending game, we can see Quistis without her glasses. She looks very nice with party dress and without glasses.

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