Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Tsviest Profile

The Tsviets are the main enemy in Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus. They are the elite squad at the highest level within Deepground and control all command for another member of Deepgrounds. Five members appear in the single player mode of the game, and less a member appears in the online mode.

Weiss The Imaculate
Weiss the Immaculate is the leader of elite Tsviets Deepground. He fight with two swords in both of his hand and has all the capabilities of other Tsviets, with the exception of darkness and Nero Blue metamorphosis. He is controlled by the Hojo digitized account memory, which invaded his body after Weiss' Synaptic Net Dive "way of trying to find a cure for the Restrictors' infected by the virus. He was eventually defeated by Vincent, but in the game ending sequence, his body was taken by awakened Genesis, which deals with Weiss as his "brother" and saying that "it is not yet time to rest" , and that "We still have much work to do."

Nero the Sable
Nero the Sable is a 23-year-old and the second member of the Tsviets, whose face is always obscured. It was Weiss' younger brother and can control the darkness as the only successful experience of stagnation mako injected into the fetus. The secret leads Deepground under Weiss' name after the unification of the organization, when Weiss' status becomes clear in the rest of Deepground soldiers. He can transform into Spider, as Arachnero. Eventually merges with Weiss to free the latter from Hojo's control. It should be noted that both Nero and the mysterious Genesis call "Weiss" as 'brother '.

Rosso the Crimson
Rosso the Crimson is a red dress, psychotic 25-year-old, and the third woman recruited by The Tsviets. She battles with her double white weapon, capable of bursts and gunfire. Rosso moves with the elegance and speed of lightning and it does not matter if she kills friends or enemies to win. Although there are several meetings with her in the game, and also we can see when Avalanche attacking Midgard she fight with Cloud, but Vincent was the one and only person that beat her. She tries, but failure, to cause the death of both herself and Vincent by collapse of a building, rather than letting defeated by Vincent.

Shelke the Transparent
Shelke the Transparent is an 19 years old, trapped by mako for 9 years and the fourth recruits by The Tsviets. She has electromagnetic fight ability with two swords, and has a special capability called SND (Synaptic Net Dive), which allows you to project an image of the same residual within a computer network. She is originally emotionless, also latter in The game she also mentioned as Shalua Rui's younger sister, and is referred to as Shelke Rui credits at the end of the game. Shelke main job was locating Vincent Valentine. However, Shelke's body does not allow her struggle for a long time and without the Mako stations in Deepgound help, she will tires quickly.

Azul the Cerulian
Azul the Cerulian first appeared in Before Crisis as a man who wanted to be SOLDIER. He love battle. As the largest of the Tsviets, Azul uses a large barrel. He is one of three Tsviets before the Metamorphose experiment, enabling him to become the monstrous Blue Arch. He battle with Vincent three times during the game and finally killed when Vincent in the form Chaos, impales him with his own gun.

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