Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz Profile

Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz is the main villain character of Final Fantasy VII : Advent children, even not clear who and how they obtain their power and where they are come from. Their main goal is to revive Genova ( Sephiroth ) which they called as their "Mother" (Kazaan) and make their "Reunion". At the end of the movie they beaten by Cloud, however only Kadaj that has absorb Genova cell's and he become Sephiroth avatar.

Kadaj is the medium-haired, cruel and vengeful young leader. He fights with a double-bladed katana called "Souba", and has a materia embedded in his arm, which he use to summon the Bahamut in the . Kadaj serves as Sephiroth's avatar when he acquires and absorbs Jenova's cells into his body.
Kadaj and his Double edge Katana

Yazoo is the long-haired, calm Remnant who specializes in firearms, wielding a "Velvet Nightmare" gun. He shoots Cloud, intending to bring him to the Promised Land with them, before he and Loz die in an explosion of excessive materia at top the Shinra headquarters. Somehow we can see some simillar of his weapon looks like Gunblade that used by Seifer or Squall in Final Fantasy VIII.
Yazoo and his Gunblade
Loz is the short-haired, broad and violent Remnant who fights primarily with a pile bunker called "Dual Hound". He duels Tifa in Aerith's church. He also have a match with Rude in Town Square when Kadaj summons Bahamut even Rude is no match with him.
Loz and his Dual Hound

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