Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yuna Profile

Yuna is the main female character from the Final Fantasy X RPG game together with Tidus. She becomes Summoner at 17 years old , summoner is a sacred ability that allows Yuna to call certain supernatural creatures called eons, at her command to the win the battle. Her mission is eliminating Sin, To achieve it, Yuna together with Tidus and their party companion must travel along Spira and discover a way how to defeat Sin.

Yuna is the daughter of the high Summoner Braska, who sacrifice his life 10 years before the main event to destroy Sin along with his companion Jetch and Auron. Yuna lives to destroy Sin as her father did, but for this time she will destroy it forever, and bringing peace all over Spira. Yuna felt in love with Tidus along the game story but at the ending she must leave Tidus to come back to his own dimension.

Yuna will also be the main character in Final Fantasy X-2, along with Rikku and Paine. The target in this game will seek Tidus, the boy who she loved and Tidus supposed died because at the end of Final Fantasy X is discovered that Tidus dimension is only an imagination created by Sin. But at the beginning of the Final fantasy X-2 an area identified where a strange sign appeared quite like Tidus dimension. Seeing this vision, She decided to join the the treasure hunter groups in the hope of finding Tidus. Later she will find another impossible love between Lenne and Shuyin, similar to her story with Tidus. Shuyin is a guy quite like Tidus, although it is not him. The boy uses an ancient weapon known as "Vegnagun" look like a bee, of a size and power greater than Sin. There are three endings to the game, and the most difficult to gain is when Yuna and Tidus meet each other on Besaid Beach.

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