Sunday, February 24, 2008

Odin - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

Odin is the supreme god of Nordic mythology, he is the son of the giant Burr. He is a dark and evil god, able to revive the dead. His role was same like Zeus in Greek mythology. He was often represented by a long blue cloak covering his body, with a hat and an aged appearance. He lacks an eye because it is pulled and he left the giant Mimir (protector of good and wisdom as the Germans myth) as a pledge to stop him drink from the source of wisdom.

His most prized possessions are his horse Sleipner, son of Loki, which is Grey and heavens horse riding on his eight-legged, his spear Gungnir (forged by the children of Ivaldi) and his ring Draupnir. His best companions, aside from his steed eight legs are Huginn and Muninn, her two black crows that collect information throughout the world for their god and his two wolves: Geri and Freki.

Odin was associated with different women, which raised five children: Thor, Balder, Vale, Vali and Vidar. Odin alongside with his brothers (Vili and Ve) was able to defeat the dominant giant, Ymir, and use the parts of Ymir's body to created the world as we know it today. On Ragnarok which is Final battle between the god and the monsters, Odin dies on Fenrir. On the other story Odin also have lot's of virgin maiden battle servant called as Valkyrie. In Final Fantasy series, Odin appears as one of the most powerfull summon, with his "Zantetsuken" technique that will slash all enemy into pieces.