Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Auron Profile

Auron is one of the first and also the last party member joined with Tidus in Final Fantasy X, you will meet him in the Corsican adventure. He is a guardian of Bevelle and has been lived for ten years in the Zanarkand, where he met for the first time with Tidus. He has a scar over the right face and battles by keeping the left arm hung as if it were broken.

He use a Katana as his weapon, which is a long sword almost as long as his body, this was very similar with Sephiroth weapon (Masamune). His favorite phrases was "Enough", "Farewell", "No time to waste, let's go". He speaks little with the rest of the group, but he also has a good sense of humour. Yuna call him as "Sir Auron", although in theory, he is only a caretaker. He has several special techniques, including one called Quasar, which can sweep away the enemy from the battlefield, and Huragano, that does create a fire hurricane around the enemy.

Together with Jecht and Braska, he was participated in the destruction of the scourge of Speyer, the evil monster, Sin. But he lost and killed by an evil creature named Yunalesca. After his death, he remembered his promise made to Jecht (Tidus's father), He returned to his old world to care for the child. Unfortunately Since returning from death to the ground, the city of Zanarkand was destroyed during a game of Blitzball when the young Tidus playing in.

The strength of Sin creates a tunnel space-time and drag Auron and Tidus one thousand years forward in time. Auron and Tidus help Yuna, the daughter of his old companion Braska to annihilate Sin once again. This time permanently, and then he disappear because he already completed his mission.

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