Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lulu Profile

Lulu is one of the main characters in the Final Fantasy X . Yuna, Lulu, and his brother Wakka Chappu have grown together, Wakka and Lulu has a duty to protecting the youngest, Yuna who they claim as their little sister. Yuna is 17 years old, and Lulu 24 Wakka 22. Wakka suffers from the loss of his brother, Chappu, who had become a Banniseur to combat Sin. Chappu wanted to marry Lulu. The links between these characters are fairly similar.

The appearance of Lulu is black and elegant. She wears a long gray robe, giving it an air of vamp, but at the same time, the barricade belt which closes to her dress suggesting a more aggressive protection, heavier. In addition, his weapon is a Moogle doll, which also can be a doll of Pampa, Caït Sith or Moomba doll. Floral decoration of her dress is a mix between the wilted flowers of a gamine and primers for a bride. Lulu lost his parents, killed by Sin, when she was older than 5 years. His childhood was not very happy, therefore, like many other people on Spira, and lost by following his great love, Chappu. She remains as a widow, still young and beautiful, but very cold and stoic. Lulu is a specialist in black magic. According to its designers, it would be the strongest female character of all Final Fantasy series.

In Final Fantasy X-2 she married with Wakka, they develop their relationship and married 6 months after the ending event in Final Fantasy X. If we compare between Final Fantasy X and Final fantasy VIII, Lulu looks like Quistis for several reasons. First looks: even if Quistis is blond, their face a similar, with a strand of hair on the side and a chignon. And Lulu's dress was very similar with Edea.