Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sin Profile

Sin is the main problem in Final Fantasy X, a giant whale shaped creatures that has terrorized Spira for thousands years. The summoner's task is to destroy Sin with him/her Final Aeon. They sacrificing him/herself so that Spira can enjoy a decade of calm and peace until Sin is reborn. The Final Aeon is always made from the Fayth, the Fayth created from sacrifice of one of the summoner's own guardians who has close relation to him/her. The Fayth will possessed by the spirit Yu Yevon to be transformed into a new Sin after Sin is destroyed. Sin produce a toxin that will give people amnesia for a short time, it can make people in act like crazy.

In the course of the game, Jecht attempts to fight back his destructive urges as Sin, using the Hymn of the Fayth as a calming mechanism, this will allowing the party to enter Sin to destroy it. But when Tidus and the party reach Sin's core, Jecht is almost entirely under the control of Yu Yevon. The party kill Jecht at the end of the game without use of the Final Aeon (but Yu Yevon possess each of the party's aeons in turn), and because of this Yu Yevon does not create a new Sin. This final death of Sin marks the beginning the true of the eternal peace, freeing Spira from this eternal spiral of sacrifice and death.

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