Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kytes, Filo and Llyud Profile Final Fantasy X

Kytes Profile
Kytes is an orphaned Hume street urchin, Kytes is one of Vaan friends. During Final Fantasy XII, Kytes eventually took Vaan's place as Migelo's assistant, running various errands for him while looking after the other orphans until Vaan & Penelo return. Kytes joins Vaan in Revenant Wings, using black magic and a staff as a weapon.

Filo Profile
Filo is an orphaned Hume girl living in Rabanastre Lowtown, leading her own gang of orphans and aspiring to be a sky pirate as well. Filo is to join Vaan in Revenant Wings alongside Kytes. She carries a special Skybandit board designed for the purpose for surfing the air. During some time in the middle of the game, she develops feelings for an Aegyl, Llyud. Kytes often teases her about this and she gets nervous if he comes to be the subject of their conversation.

Llyud Profile
Llyud is a member of the reclusive aegyl race, native to Lemurés. Against the rules of his people, Llyud aided Vaan and Penelo in protecting Lemurés, branded a heretic as a result. At first, Llyud was like the rest of his kind, socially withdrawn, seemingly emotionless, and rarely interacts with anyone outside his race. But as his time with Vaan and company, along with Auraliths being destroyed, allowed Llyud to develop relationships with others and show moments of genuine emotion. But when Feolthanos departs, Llyud succeeds him as the leader of the Aegyl, promising to see his friends again after he and his people find their place in Ivalice. In battle, he uses a spear and starts with the ability Jump as a Lancer.

Source : Wikipedia