Friday, September 5, 2008

Cid Profile in Final Fantasy X

Cid is Rikku's father and Yuna's maternal uncleas well. Cid also the leader of the Al Bhed. His duty was for bringing the Al Bhed together after it was scattered by Yevon, years before Final Fantasy X. He also abducting summoners after Braska's Calm to ensure that the Summoners after him (Yuna), not sacrifice themselves todestroys Sin and bring the temporary calm. This attack ultimately resulted with the Guado attacking home, with Cid forced to destroyed it to his people's dismay. Cid had a distinct lack of subtlety in his doings, and Rikku was the one who urge him to learn some restraint. He used the Airship his children salvaged, the Fahrenheit, to aid in fighting with Sin.

After the events of Final Fantasy X, Cid is one of the few to receive a negative impact from Sin's demise, as his children left him behind to set their sights on the changing Spira rather than rebuilding home like most of the other Al Bhed. In Final Fantasy X-2, he attempted to convert Zanarkand into a tourist attraction. He make his way to the Thunder Plains after Yuna disapproved it. After being saved from an ancient Machina, Cid goes onboard to the Celsius to Rikku and Brother's dismay.