Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ba'Gamnan profile

Ba'Gamnan is on of a villain character in Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wings. He is a green-skinned Bangaa mercenary who is after the bounty on Balthier by any means with the aid of his equally cruel henchmen. They are Rinok, Gijuk and Bwagi, who refer to him as "big brother" and follow him out of fear. Though he acts as an arrogant free agent, he was secretly working for Gabranth whom he fears to an extent. Ba'Gamnan's weapon of choice is a type of chainsaw-staff called the Bangangsaw, making him an extremely dangerous opponent in battle. Even though he is a bounty hunter most foul, his notoriety is due to his illegal methods, like kidnapping Penelo and later attacking the hunters from Clan Centurio to lure out Balthier. This later strategy involved the killing the hunters, to ensure no one would be the wiser.

But rumors spread and Montblanc set up the "Belito" Elite Mark Hunt to lure Ba'Gamnan and his crew out into the Nam-Yensa Sandsea with aid from fellow Clan hunter Monid, Vaan and company. Ba'Gamnan and group were eventually defeated, with their leader falling into the Sandsea. Though Ba'Gamnan survived, he was ironically marked with his own bounty by the Empire under Larsa's rule, thus seeing Vaan and his friends to blame for his recent misfortunes, bent on revenge. By around Revenant Wings, when attempting to take inactive Galbana as their own to hunt down Balthier, Ba'Gamnan and his group managed to corner Vaan, Kytes and Filo until they used the Auracite to beat him and drive his posse anyway. Soon after, Ba'Gamnan was tied up until Tomaj outfited the Bangaa with a shock muzzle, referred as "Ba'Gamnan's Bane", to keep him in line as a part of their group.

But, over time, he eventually overcame the shock muzzle and he kidnapped Filo. It took the entire gang with aid from Rikken's group to beat the Bangaa bounty hunter, with Rikken's group taking him for the bounty. However, Ba'Gamnan escaped them and forcefully recruited his siblings back into his gang to settle things with Balthier and Vaan's gang in vain. Ba'Gamnan would later make a final attempt of revenge in the game after the Judge of Wings was defeated, escaping to fight another day.

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