Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hades - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology

In Final Fantasy VII, Hades appear as one of the summons, and in Final Fantasy IX he appear as on of optional boss in Memoria that able to defeat. Hades refers to two mythological terms, both belonging to the Greek culture. The first is the place where the dead live, as in the Greek culture there is no difference between those who have done well and those who have done evil, unlike Christianity, that the split between Heaven and Hell . The second, and that interests us is the God of the dead. Hades, son of Cronos and Rea and therefore brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Together they defeated his father and divided the world, as you know Zeus rule the land, Poseidon at the sea, and Hades rule the Underworld.

According to the Greeks when a person dies, they conducted to Hades through a large lake Caronte, by the boatman. But before entering the Hades that person was judged by Minos, Radamantis and Eaco because they chose the path that they had to take the deceased. There were three possibilities: The Champs Elysees for those who acted good, plain Asphodels for those who are not well-behaved or not wrong, and the Tatar for wrongdoers, inhabited by the most evil creatures of the establishment. Hades is not an evil god. It's symbol is a helmet that gives invisibility to wearing it and a horn in his hand.