Monday, March 31, 2008

Wakka Profile

Wakka is a boisterous young man, born on the Isle of Besaid. Although a generally kind person, he has rigid ideas of what should and should not be done, according to the master in the Temple of Yevon. He became the Coach and captain of the Blitzball team in his hometown, Besaid Beach. Wakka plan to withdraw from the sport after this year's tournament in order to devote himself completely to protect Yuna as a guardian.

His launches the Blitzball's ball are particularly effective against flying enemies . Wakka is a strong man with a religious beliefs and prejudices, but the journey around the world of Sphira will change his lives forever. Wakka hates everything that is sinful as machinery, Albhed, etc. In Final fantasy X, Wakka appear as one playable character. He also appear in Kingdom Heart series but at this game Wakka appear as NPC (Non Playable Character) with younger age than in Final Fantasy X game