Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kimahri Ronso Profile

Kimahri Ronso is one of playable character in Final Fantasy X, he appear as warrior in Ronso races which have their home at Mount Gagazet. Because of the taunts and insults that he gave to the other others, as it was the horn on his head broken. This horn is a symbol of courage and strength between Ronso. While wandering by the side of the mountain he found a man dying. That man was Auron, one of the keepers of invoker Brashka, who had just defeated Sin. He asked Kimahri to protect Yuna, Daughter of Braska and take her into Besaid island located in the southern of Sphira and keep her safe and peaceful in there.

Ten years later, with the end of Serenity, and reappearance of the Sin, he decided to follow and protect Yuna and became one of her guardians, on their way traveling through Sphira to defeat Sin. He is silent and courageous, but he is a very loyal companion to other party member. He become a few survivor of Ronzo, since Seymour came into Zanarkand and cruelly murdered almost all inhabited in Mount Gagazet. He choose Halberd (Spear) as his weapon, he is quite useful character with his Jump and stealing technique.

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