Sunday, May 23, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII News - PC Released??

About 2 month since Final Fantasy XIII US Version released, we can see Square-Enix was very proud of their selling archive, maybe because it's on blue ray format and it's hard to copy (which mean pirated edition of the game will be minimalized). Here are some of their news :

"Square-Enix has been smiling from ear to ear today, as they announced that Final Fantasy XIII is the fasting selling title in the entire franchise's history. With sales of the game reaching one million in the first five days in North America alone, combined with the huge amount sold in Europe, Final Fantasy XIII has "recorded the largest first-week sales in franchise history"

"Regarding question about when will Final Fantasy XIII on PC, Square-Enix say that they didn't intend to bring Final Fantasy XIII for PC because there will be a lot of piracy on it."

There are also a short interview with Nomura about Final Fantasy XIII : Versus
What percentage of Versus is done?
Nomura: Things are not connected yet, every part is moving along separately. However, we have gotten airships working over the world map.
At what age do you think you'll be active until?
Nomura: I haven't though about my own future yet.
What is your favourite character?
Nomura: I like all of the characters I have created, but I associate the most with Sora, so he is special.
I'm anxious about what you said in regards to a sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy...!
Nomura: I'll do my best for a sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy!
You were on Konami's Kojima's Net Radio for some time, how is your relation now?
Nomura: Once in a while, he will invite me to meals.
You should start using Twitter.
Nomura: I have nothing... to say on it.
Any new information [on your latest projects]?
Nomura: Producer Hashimoto isn't allowing me to.
Current game progress, games you are currently playing, and non-game related hobbies?
Nomura: This year I want to release two titles. I recently cleared Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and just started on Heavy Rain. As for non-game related hobbies, I like watching various movies.

Here are some Screenshot From Final Fantasy XIII

Well just for prepared when the game is available.
Click here to Download Final Fantasy XIII on PC. (the link will clickable if the game available)

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