Monday, April 19, 2010

Playing PS2 On PC using PCSX2 (Configure Emulator and Cheat)

Well, finally have some time to make a post. How are you guys? Hope you always fine and didn't leave this blog yet :) Ok, enough of craps talk. Here is your way to play PS2 games on PC. This emulator is the newest version of PCSX2 (PCSX version 0.9.7 released 2010) and here are how to use it.

1. Download the PCSX2 (it's already contain everything you need to play) here.

2. Install the PCSX2
3. Go to My Computer -> System(c) -> Program files -> PCSX2

4. Run the "pcsx2" or perhaps "pcsx2.exe" you will find a configuration page.

5. Just hit next until you find screen like this.

6. If you planning to use DVDs select cdvd Gigaherz for CDVD plugin

7. If you planning to use iso's select Linuz iso for CVCD plugin.

8. If you asked for the bios select from C:/program files/PCSX2/bios there are some of bios but I use the newest version of US bios. If you don't sure on what to do, just hit next and until you find screen like this below(if this step fail, you need to upgrade your directX plugin, download here)

9. When the installation inish you will get this window

10. go to CDVD and select iso or plugin

11. finish you can run the CDVD.

12. Tadaaaa (finally I can play FFXII)....!!!!!!!!

Frequently Asked question.
Q: What is the minimum computer specification
A: Dunno for sure but my Spec:
Proc: Intel Pentium Dual Core
Mobo: Intel DG 41 RQ
2GB of RAM
VGA Geforce 8400GS 128bits 512mb (DONT USE ONBOARD VGA!!!)

Q: I cant finish the setup and it keep displaying eror.
A: try to upgrade your directX to the newest verion

Q: My game didn't run on the emulator
A: Not 100% game compatible with the emulator (see here for the list)

Q: My emulator crash at some point of game
A: The newest emulator didn't stable yet, but most likely it's the problem from your dvd-game. Check you dvd-game condition (use it on your own risk)

Q: I have no sound
A: Try different setting on SPU plugin, if the problem continues, check your sound card

Ask anything on the chat box at the sidebar and I will answer when I check this blog
happy playing :)

If you have planning on using Cheat Plugin for PCSX2
You can download the PCSX2 Codebreaker Cheat tool kit here.
Watch the video below for instruction.

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