Sunday, May 11, 2008

Final Fantasy Summon and Monster Mythology

Evreet or Ifrit was known as a mythology from Saudi Arabia which is the second genie from five Genies that have a very powerful power. He also have a high intelligence...[Read More]

This creature is famous because known in some of Mythology. Leviathan known as the God of the Sea by Japanese. Leviathan (or Lotan ) also mentioned in Canaanite myth...[Read More]

One of monster that often appear in Final Fantasy Series is Behemoth. Behemoth appear like a bull that have purple colored of all it's skin, have a great horn and...[Read More]

Titan mentioned in Greek myth. Titan (or Titaness = female) is a Giant creature that been one of 12 primeval. All of them is sons of Uranus and Gaea. There are twelve of them which...[Read More]

In Greek Mythology, mentioned that Ixion is son from God of War, Ares. In every myth stories he appear as a bad person with his various bad attitude...[Read More]

Chaos same like Titan also appear in Greek Mythology. Long time before earth and universe created, the things that only exist is darkness...[Read More]

Pandora also known in Greek Mythology as the first woman that appear on the earth also the one who bring all sadness, diseases, pain and miseries...[Read More]

There are a lot of horrible creature in every Mythology. One of them is Typhoon, a giant creature shaped like a giant snake that able to shot fire from his eyes...[Read More]

Fenrir or fenris is a name of a wolf that appear in Norse Mythology, which as a Wolf that predicted will kill every God that he meet in God Annihilation (Ragnarok)...[Read More]

Along with Shiva Quetzalcoatl is the first Guardian Force (GF) owned by Squall in Final fantasy VIII he attack all of the enemy with his most powerful...[Read More]

In Sumerian Mythology, Gilgamesh known as a legendary hero. He is a son of Uruk Emperor (Lugalbanda), who married a wise and beauty Goddess named Nisun...[Read More]

Did you know that Chimera was taken from Greek Mythology as well? Some myth say that Chimera has family related with Hydra. Chimera also said as the mother of Sphinx...[Read More]

The phoenix is a mythical creature mentioned in lots of different mythology, Phoenix known as a giant bird who receive different names depending on which culture is cited...[Read More]

Valefor is one of the Aeons in Final Fantasy X. The names often related with evil or demon story, where he was described as "Hellish Grand Duke" and according to the stories, Valefor ruled 36 legions in the hell...[Read More]

Sirens, according to Greek mythology, were the daughters of Aqueloo and a Muse. They are creature half woman and half bird. They had a very melodic and smoothing voice that no sailor could resist them...[Read More]

Diablos is Devil, also known as Lucifer or Satan that mentioned in the Bible and the New Testament. Diablos defined as the arch rival of God and the temptation for human...[Read More]

Odin is the supreme god of Nordic mythology, he is the son of the giant Burr. He is a dark and evil god, able to revive the dead. His role was same like Zeus in Greek mythology...[Read More]

Shiva is the supreme god of the Hindu mythology. In the appearance and as usual, doesn't have any similarity with SHiva we known on Final Fantasy Series...[Read More]

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a monster half man and half bull. He was the son of Pasifae (the queen of Crete) and a beautiful Toro...[Read More]

Although not appear as one of the summons in Final Fantasy series but Tiamat often appear as boss monster that must beaten in almost all Final Fantasy series...[Read More]

In Final Fantasy VII, Hades appear as one of the summons, and in Final Fantasy IX he appear as on of optional boss in Memoria that able to defeat. Hades refers to two mythological terms...[Read More]

In Greek mythology, Cerberus, son of Typhoon and Equidna, was the guardian in the gates of Hades, the realm of the dead. In appearance, Cerberus was a gigantic size of a dog...[Read More]