Thursday, May 22, 2008

Classes on Final Fantasy XI

At Final Fantasy XI you freely to choose your own class. And unlike the other MMORPG game you able to change your class anytime during the game. But every class has it's own level, it's mean you need to train every class if you want to experience all the class on the game, and that's mean you didn't need to create lot's of character to play different class.
Every race have the same ability to choose all class available. And there is no overpowering class so basically every class have it's own specialty and advantages during the hunting and leveling.

Basic Classes (Basic Classes are the Jobs that available when you start the game).
  • Warrior (A basic fighter. Most people like its ability to taunt and tank the enemy.)
  • Monk (Withhigh HP it makes a good class. but their armor weaker than other class.)
  • Black Mage (Have various powerfull spells, but low HP and weak armour.)
  • White Mage (The healer, with it's healing skill always needed in every party member.)
  • Red Mage (The most average class. Can do a bit of Black spells, a bit of White spells, and also a bit of sword attacks.)
  • Thief (The fastest class, with their ability to steal.)
Advance Class (Advanced Classes require you to do a quest to get, when one of your jobs is level 30 or higher. They are not better than basic class, but they will give more help and support for the party member. They have different specialties and abilities then the basics making them useful. Unlike the other MMORPG game they will not became more powerful that the basic job but their specialty make them useful for other party member.)
  • Paladin (With a high defense but low strength and its small amount of white magic.)
  • Dark Knight (Opposite of the Paladin. High strength, low defense, and some black magic.)
  • Bard (A good support class that not used MP)
  • Summoner (A mage that has ability to Summon gods to help them in battle.)
  • Beast Master (A fighter that can tame enemy to attack the opponent for a while.)
  • Ranger (A class uses long range attacks as its own specialty. Need lots amount of gil for arrows, or need to be good at making arrows.)
  • Samurai (A warrior that can fend demons and gain TP quickly.)
  • Ninja (They can throw weapon and duel weild weapon making them a great STR booster.)
  • Dragoon (A warrior that can have a Wyvern to following him and can jump into the heavens. They also known as Dragon Knights.)
  • There are also Dancer and Scholar Job at Wings of the Goddess Expansion packs.