Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Download some Final Fantasy Movies for your Mobile Phone

Here are some Final Fantasy Movies and AMV From some of Final Fantasy series.
Download it for your mobile phone for free..
The videos are in (.3gp) format so I think it will be suitable for any kinds of Mobile Phone.
OK.. that's it.

Final Fantasy IX.3gp
Video Size : 6,238 KB
Video Length : 00.05.47

Final Fantasy VII_Crisis Core.3gp
Video Size : 4,635 KB
Video Length : 00.04.23

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus.3gp
Video Size : 4,492 KB
Video Length : 00.04.33

Final Fantasy VIII.3gp
Video Size : 6,092 KB
Video Length : 00.05.40

Final Fantasy X-2 - 1000 words.3gp
Video Size : 6,286 KB
Video Length : 00.05.37

Final Fantasy X-2 - Real Emotion.3gp
Video Size : 3,978 KB
Video Length : 00.03.41

Final Fantasy X.3gp
Video Size : 6,429 KB
Video Length : 00.06.03

Final Fantasy XIII Versus.3gp
Video Size : 10,595 KB
Video Length : 00.05.02

If you have request please fill down in the comment or chatbox.
I will add some more videos when I have some extra time...
Well, Enjoy........