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Storyline and Character Information of Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Storyline :
The plot focuses on the fal'Cie, a race existing beyond humanity. The people marked by the fal'Cie for a greater purpose are named the l'Cie. Some 13 centuries ago, a mythical Crystal told the fal'Cie to construct a paradise for humanity. The shell-like city of Cocoon was created and floated high above the surface of the world now known as Pulse, which is later maintained by its own Crystal. Cocoon's Crystal created life forms and machines for its inhabitants to use, and humanity flourished.
Over time, the people of Cocoon began to fear for the safety of their world, and were worried that it would be cast down from the sky. In present day, the wilderness of Pulse has strange effects on people, and the Holy Government of Cocoon quarantines and exiles from the city anyone who has been influenced by Pulse. A woman codenamed Lightning is chosen by the Crystals to be the enemy of humanity and bring about the downfall of the world

Character designer Tetsuya Nomura was asked to create a "female version of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII". During development, he has described her as "not very feminine". Lightning is a young woman with long strawberry-blonde hair and is 176cm tall. She is given an unknown task by a Crystal. Lightning wields a combination gun/sword, which can also manipulate gravity. Lightning is only a codename and her true given name was said to be revealed somewhere within the game's plot.

Snow Villiers
A blond, bandanna-wearing male who rides Shiva in her motorcycle form and totes a large gun. He is a big character and is capable of running while carrying two people. He was nicknamed "Mr. 33 cm" by the staff of Final Fantasy XIII because of his shoe size. In the October 2008 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it is revealed that he uses a power that is related to the tattoo on his right forearm.

Oerba Dia Vanille
A girl with red-brown hair worn in pigtails who lives in Pulse. In a trailer, she is seen captured and walking in a funeral procession. Her weapon resembles a modernized bow, and she was seen summoning Carbuncle from a disc in the trailer.

Final Fantasy XIII : Versus

Final Fantasy XIII : Versus Storyline :
Final Fantasy Versus XIII revolves around a prince named Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is the last heir to an unnamed kingdom in which the last Crystal is kept. Because of increasingly apparent modernization in contrast to neighboring nations, Noctis' kingdom has isolated itself from the outside world. The game is set as two nations battle each other for dominance and for the last Crystal held by Noctis' kingdom. The game has been said to initiate at the "clearing" of a long Cold War between warring nations that revolved around these crystals.

Noctis Lucis Caelum

The protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Noctis is a young man with dark bluish-silver hair and dark blue eyes. However, the color of both his eyes and his hair have been shown to change during battle; his eyes have turned from blue to crimson.
Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the color changes are both intentional and significant. It has been confirmed that he is the last heir to the Caelum dynasty ruling over the last kingdom to control Crystals. He attempts to protect his kingdom against marauders who seek to conquer the city and take the Crystals by force. Nomura has compared Noctis's family to the modern-day Japanese mafia, or Yakuza. His full name, revealed at TGS 2008, is Latin for,literally "Light of the Night Sky", and "Noct" is his nickname.
Noctis wields multiple weapons as seen in both the E3 2006 and the PlayStation Premier trailers. The weapons that he wields range from swords to spears to lances and even battle axes.

There are 11 weapons in all, though in the latest trailer, he is shown with at least 20 or 30 swords pointing at the man in the white cloak. As seen through the trailers, he can control them with telekinesis (through the power of the Crystal), and he has been seen using them for both attack and defense.

Nomura has stated that each weapon will have a different usage and is not directly limited by normal standards of attack; in other words, some weapons will also be usable as shields (as seen in the trailers). The protagonist has also demonstrated the ability to teleport or to suddenly move at a high speed, though it is unknown what role this skill will have in the actual gameplay. Nomura had stated before that his personality was unlike any other previous Final Fantasy characters. In the recent trailer, where a conversation between Noctis and Stella is shown, his personality is revealed. He is quite shy and timid when talking to Stella but he tries his hardest to hide it.

Noctis also has three companions which have been revealed in video game magazine, Famitsu. The first of these characters is a man with light brown hair and glasses who is seen wearing a suit and driving the protagonist's car. The second character is a bulkier man with dark brown hair and a scar on the left side of his face. The third character is a young blond man carrying a shotgun.

Stella Nox Fleuret
Stella is a blonde girl who has been shown opposite Noctis, and is described as an unfortunate enemy to him. Famitsu and other sources claim that the two do not desire to fight each other, but they are forced to. She wields a rapier and is a confirmed enemy, though her allegiances are still under suspicion. Stella Nox are two Latin words that would mean literally, albeit incorrectly inflected, "Night Star." Fleuret is the French name of the fencing Foil, an obvious reference to the character's shown weapon of choice. A recent trailer confirmed that Stella possesses the same abilites as Noctis, being able to materialize weapons from thin air, as she is shown summoning her rapier from a rune similar to one used by Noctis to summon his weapon, albeit in a golden color. What role this will play in the game is unknown.

As shown in the latest trailer, Stella turns out to be a very social person, which compliments Noctis' shy personality. She doesn't mind to talk about anything, even with Noctis. She even tackled some classified information regarding his power, but respected Noctis' decision to keep it to himself only. She is referring on something called 'the light', where only she and Noctis can see. During their first meeting, she invites Noctis to Tenebrea, which is the country she comes from.

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