Friday, August 29, 2008

Seymour Guado Profile

Seymour Guado one of antagonist character in Final Fantasy X. He is playable during one event in the game, Seymour has his own overdrive attack, Requiem. He is the leader of the Guado nation, demi-humans race in Spira. He is also a maester of Yu Yevon. He gained both of this positions after his father ( Lord Jyscal Guado ) dies.

Seymour is actually half-Guado and half-human, because Lord Jyscal marriedwith a human woman. Seymour mother's name was used for the unmentioned Aeon Anima. Lord Jyscal married with a human womanto improve friendship between the Guado and human. His mother dies in Island of Baaj, she sacrified herself to become fayth in Baaj temple. Since then Seymour travelling alone for years, and because this suffering make him think that Death was the only way to give the freedom. But to achieve his aims, he had to have a power greater than Anima, whose have the greatest power, over even all the aeons combined.

Seymour murdered his own father Jyscal, and the he ascending to the position of leader of the Guado nation and also inheriting his position as one of four Maesters of Yevon. He meet Yuna in Luca, his eyes fell and immediately became interested with her. Seymour's half-Guado ancestry and Yuna's half Al-Bhed ancestry make them have a very similar, but Seymour was regarded as an abomination, and Yuna was cared for and loved, possibly setting them on their two very opposite ways to save the world.

In Final Fantasy X-2, Seymour role a minor part. He appearing only in a flashback cut-scene accessed through the Key Item Baralai's Sphere. In this scen, Seymour's role in Baralai's escape from Wen Kinoc is revealed. In Final Fantasy X-2 International, Seymour can be fought in the Battle Simulator tournament and also addable as one of the partymember with the Creature Create feature.