Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lenne and Shuyin Profile

• Lenne Profile
She appears only in Final Fantasy X-2. She was a famous singer-summoner from Zanarkand during the age of the Machina War, and she was Shuyin sweetheart. She was forced to the front lines battle to fight along with other summoners in the city. Both she and Shuyin expected that the hopelessly overpowered Zanarkand would fall and that she would die in battle. Shuyin would attempt using Bevelle's machina weapon, Vegnagun, to defeat Bevelle and save her. However, she was refuse to allow Shuyin to take the lives of many others for her sake and asked him to stop just as he was about to make of use the behemoth machina. Shuyin accept to her request, but the two were not shown the same mercy by their enemies, and they were promptly gunned down by Bevelle soldiers. Upon her death, her spirit was somehow crystallized into the Songstress Dressphere, which contains her memories.
Over the course of the game, Lenne attempts to communicated with Yuna, whose Songtress outfit is identical to her attire. Yuna begin to feel her presence and feelings more and more until they explode on stage, showing Lenne's final moments alive. Because Yuna unknowingly served as Lenne's host, Shuyin only saw Lenne rather than Yuna herself whenever she donned her Songtress outfit. Using that fact, Yuna Rikku and Paine attempt to reason with Shuyin by telling him her unsaid feelings. However, since her presence in Yuna had weakened, Shuyin became enraged and believed that Yuna and her friends had been deceiving him. After Shuyin is defeated, Lenne separates herself from Yuna and finally fades with Shuyin while thanking Yuna for helping them.

• Shuyin Profile
He was a native of Zanarkand who live during the age of the Machina War between Zanarkand and Bevelle. He loves the songstress-summoner Lenne, he refused to accept her fate when she was ordered to the front lines ( from which she will probably dies in the battle) and attempted to commander Bevelle's machina weapon, Vegnagun, in the hopes of using it to end the war and save Lenne. But, Shuyin and Lenne were gunned down in front of Vegnagun after Lenne prevented him from using Vegnagun to take many lives for their sake.
Sealed in the Den of Woes, Shuyin's unsent spirit-filled with despair and self-loathing-cannot fade away and be free of his suffering. Shuyin desires to destroy all of Spira in the hopes that his agony may be able to end and that there can never again be a war like the one that cost him and Lenne their lives. On first seeing him in the sphere, Kimahri found on Gagazet that began her new adventure, Yuna mistook him for Tidus, due to their striking physical resemblances to one another. Unlike other Unsent, Shuyin can possess people, controlling those who are deep in malice as he is. He can also possess Fayth, using their Aeons to help him. He was eventually defeated and shortly reunited with Lenne as they faded away.

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