Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vaan Profiles

Vaan is the main character of Final Fantasy XII. He is not overly brave, or particularly talented, but he is naive enough. He lost his parents when he was still very young, Vaan was fortunate to be collected by the Hume family before seeing them disappear too during the war. his only brother Reks also died two years before the game started during the Archadian Invasion of Dalmasca. Since then, he lives with odd jobs given to him by the merchant named Miguelo. The existence of Vaan in the royal city of Rabanastre then boils down to simple courier missions punctuated by some petty crime which enable him to test his agility when he is not hunting the sewer rats. Vaan dreams of wide open spaces and freedom. It aims to fly in the sky aboard his own vessel when it would become a sky pirates, and he is confident he will succeed one day.

Its relations with other group members are fairly complicated, given his fiery temperament, but he has great esteem and admiration for Balthier which is a sky pirates. Its reports are, however, much more tense with Basch as he sees as the murderer of his brother Reks. His desire for revenge faded as they have the same goal to protect Ashe, and he must learn to trust the other if he wants to mature and win battle together with his companions.

Vaan have various powerful limit breaks like Red Spiral, deep Hazard and Melt Crimson. Vaan also appear in Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wing as the captain of Airship Galbana which he uses to travel to Lemures meeting with his old friend and also find the new one. Vaan gains the Godblade Anastasia from the Yahri, then he and Penelo decided to leave Rabanastre to find their own adventure.