Sunday, June 29, 2008

Penelo Profile

Penelo is 17 years old Hume, one of female character in Final Fantasy XII. She is Vaan Childhood friend, and she like a sister to Vaan. She works as a dancer in Rabanastree bazaar. She famous along other orphan and she like a mother to them, though they often make fun on her cooking skills. She learned her martial arts from his brother, a soldier in a small stature. This ability make her perfectly capable of handling herself in sticky conditions. She and Vaan care a lot of each other.

She also appear in Final Fantasy XI : Revenant Wing. A year after the Bahamut crash, during the game epilogue, Penelo wears a new outfit with a magical staff as she serves as Vaan's navigator from their adventure in Revenant Wings. She ran the diner on the Galbana, improving her cooking skills.