Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazard Deusericus and Professor Hollander Crissis Core Profile

Lazard Deusericus Profile
Lazard Deusericus is a director of Shinra's SOLDIER department. During the events in the Crisis Core, is an independent department of the company (in Final Fantasy VII there is no SOLDIER Director on the Shinra board, and Lazard's portfolio has apparently been subsumed by Heidegger). Lazard received a promotions at an exceptional speed to attain his present status within the organization. Later, he is altered into an Angeal Clone. Lazard dies after the Shinra army attack him and the incapacitated Cloud. Confirmed in the FFVII Ultimania Guide, Lazard is the illegitimate son of President Shinra and he also the older half-brother of Vice President Rufus Shinra.

Professor Hollander Profile
Hollander is former Shinra scientist, he holds a grudge against Hojo, due to the power struggle for leader of Shinra's Department of Scientific Research that cost his status and reputation. He is the Angeal's father and the creator of Project G (Project Gillian). He uses his wife as a carrier and extracts it from her into Genesis. He sides with Genesis originally, serving to halt his degradation, until Genesis had no more use for his services, but Genesis let him live since he later injected himself with G cells. He also has a small black wing and his body begins to deteriorate quickly.

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