Friday, February 13, 2009

Configure No$gba, Nintendo DS Emulator

Today I tried to play Final Fantasy XIII : Revenant Wing on my computer, using No$gba Emulator.
Maybe some of you guys want to try to play it and don't have a Nintendo DS, just try to follow my short tutorial.

I. Download No$gba emulator from

II. After you download extract it to your desktop with any extractor (7zip, winzip, or winrar)

III. Extract the zip file to your desktop and you will have file like this.

IV. NO$GBA.EXE with icon triangle-like is the executor.

V. Place your Final Fantasy NDS Roms in the No$gba 2.6 in desktop as above.

VI. Open No$gba.exe and open the Final Fantasy Roms you used. (click here to get the roms)

VII. You can configure the controls in the menu on the top screen

VIII. Now let's the game begin.
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Note :
Please note that this blog didn't provide the roms or the emulator, this blog only provide the information about it. Download and use it on your own risk.