Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Angeal Hewley Profile

Many of Crissis Core fans asked me why I am not including Angeal in one of the Final Fantasy Profile, well it's a kind of shame but"I Forget it". OK, here are complete profile of Angeal, one of great Final Fantasy VII character.

Angeal Hewley is Shinra's SOLDIER 1st Class who acts as a teacher and senior to Zack to whom he seems to have become something of a patron. Angeal is a respected 1st Class SOLDIER and has a great sense of responsibility and wisdom. He is Sephiroth and Genesis companion to, the latter of whom he grew up with in the rural village of Banora. Angeal is the original owner of the Buster Sword of Zack Fair, which was purchased by his late father using all of family's saving for him . Later the Buster Sword was given to Zack and Zack give him to Cliud at Crissis Core Ending.

Angeal tends not to use the weapon, however, stating that "use brings about wear, tear and rust". When Zack encounters him in the Midgar Plate interior, it is revealed that, as a result of genetic manipulation through Project G, Angeal bears two white wings on his right shoulder. Angeal's surname is taken from the Greek word "hyle" which is mean "materia" in Latin.

(Article Source : Wikipedia)

Gerat Angeal Wallpaper
ANgeal Hewley Crissis Core Wallpaper