Friday, April 18, 2008

Lord Braska Profile

Braska is one of the character in Final Fantasy X, He has a calm and gentle nature and is a firm in his determination to defeat Sin. Braska is Yuna's father and a summoner who defeated Sin and brought calm for ten years before the main events in Final Fantasy X. Because of this he was given a title as a High Summoner. Braska was married to Cid's sister. This relation was strongly disapproves, especially by Cid, but when Yuna born, these tensions faded.

When his wife died at the hands of Sin, Braska decided to become a summoner and undertook a pilgrimage with his guardians Auron and Jecht to defeat Sin. People were initially skeptical about his guardian and his ability to defeat Sin, but against all odds and succeeded Braska brought calm to Spira, while giving his life after his last battle against Sin. Braska does not appear as a character in the game, but it is often referred to like statue or a symbol, and can be seen from at the several areas that the player can be found throughout the game. He shown dressed in long flowing robes with a head ornament.