Monday, June 30, 2008

Ashe Profile

Ashe or Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca is a 19-year-old princess, is the main female protagonist of the Final Fantasy XII. She fighting hard to free his own kingdom (Dalmasca) from the Archadian Empire. She is the only living child of King Ramin. She married Rasler Nabradia shortly before Archadia's invasion of Dalmasca. Her husband died in the battle to protect Nalbina Fortress immediately after their marriage. Although lot's of people argument that her marriage was political, but they really loved each other.

Obvious, and still grieves for her and still bears her wedding ring, two years after her husband death. She committed suicide, but saved by Amalia, to serve as the leader of the resistance before joining the group. Her intention to get revenge on Archadia, by the horrors of its military forces have pledged to her people, was manipulated by the Occuria to strengthen its grip on Ivalice.

Ashe acknowledges Larsa intends to stop the war between the two empires, and eventually makes its way to Vayne Bahamut Fortress in the sky to stop it. One year after the Bahamut of crash, Ashe is crowned as the Queen of Dalmasca, and finally rejoins his friends in protecting the peace that has ensured the mysterious Judge Wings in Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wings. Its main weapon eventually becomes part of the bombs instead of being a warrior wielding the sword.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Penelo Profile

Penelo is 17 years old Hume, one of female character in Final Fantasy XII. She is Vaan Childhood friend, and she like a sister to Vaan. She works as a dancer in Rabanastree bazaar. She famous along other orphan and she like a mother to them, though they often make fun on her cooking skills. She learned her martial arts from his brother, a soldier in a small stature. This ability make her perfectly capable of handling herself in sticky conditions. She and Vaan care a lot of each other.

She also appear in Final Fantasy XI : Revenant Wing. A year after the Bahamut crash, during the game epilogue, Penelo wears a new outfit with a magical staff as she serves as Vaan's navigator from their adventure in Revenant Wings. She ran the diner on the Galbana, improving her cooking skills.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vaan Profiles

Vaan is the main character of Final Fantasy XII. He is not overly brave, or particularly talented, but he is naive enough. He lost his parents when he was still very young, Vaan was fortunate to be collected by the Hume family before seeing them disappear too during the war. his only brother Reks also died two years before the game started during the Archadian Invasion of Dalmasca. Since then, he lives with odd jobs given to him by the merchant named Miguelo. The existence of Vaan in the royal city of Rabanastre then boils down to simple courier missions punctuated by some petty crime which enable him to test his agility when he is not hunting the sewer rats. Vaan dreams of wide open spaces and freedom. It aims to fly in the sky aboard his own vessel when it would become a sky pirates, and he is confident he will succeed one day.

Its relations with other group members are fairly complicated, given his fiery temperament, but he has great esteem and admiration for Balthier which is a sky pirates. Its reports are, however, much more tense with Basch as he sees as the murderer of his brother Reks. His desire for revenge faded as they have the same goal to protect Ashe, and he must learn to trust the other if he wants to mature and win battle together with his companions.

Vaan have various powerful limit breaks like Red Spiral, deep Hazard and Melt Crimson. Vaan also appear in Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wing as the captain of Airship Galbana which he uses to travel to Lemures meeting with his old friend and also find the new one. Vaan gains the Godblade Anastasia from the Yahri, then he and Penelo decided to leave Rabanastre to find their own adventure.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Final Fantasy XI Summons

Summoner in Final Fantasy XI able to call summon creatures for a period of time to assists them in battle. There are eight summon in Final Fantasy XI, all with it's own technique and specialty which as follow.


Skills :
Inferno ( Burning hot flames are thrown at the enemy. This causes heavy fire-elemental
damage on cretures.)
Lv 1 - Punch - MP 9 - Physical Damage
Lv 10 - Fire II - MP 24 - Fire Damage
Lv 23 - Burning Strike - MP 48 - Fire Damage
Lv 30 - Double Punce - MP 56 - Attack Twice
Lv 38 - Crimson Roar - MP 84 - Raises Party's ATK Power
Lv 60 - Fire IV - MP118 - Fire Damage
Lv 70 - Flame Crash - MP164 - Physical Attack


Skill :
Diamond Dust( Shiva creates a block of ice around the enemy causing ice-elemental damage.)
Lv 1 - Axe Kick - MP 10 - Physical Attack
Lv 10 - Blizzard II - MP 24 - Ice Damage
Lv 28 - Freeze Armor - MP 63 - Mass Ice Spike
Lv 39 - Sleepga - MP 56 - Mass Sleep Status
Lv 50 - Double Slap - MP 96 - Attack Twice
Lv 60 - Blizzard IV - MP118 - Ice Damage
Lv 70 - Rush - MP164 - Attack Five Times


Skill :
Ground Fury (Titan crushes his fist against the ground, causing a massive earthquake. The quake inflicts massive earth-elemental damage.)
Lv 1 - Rock Throw - MP 10 - Ranged ATK Effect: Slow
Lv 10 - Stone II - MP 24 - Earth Damage
Lv 21 - Rock Buster - MP 39 - Effect: Bind
Lv 35 - Mega Lift Throw - MP 62 - Ranged ATK Effect: Slow
Lv 46 - Earthen Ward - MP 92 - Mass Stoneskin
Lv 60 - Stone IV - MP118 - Earth Damage
Lv 70 - Mountain Crash - MP164 - Attack Three Times Effect: Bind


Skill :
Shearing Light (Carbuncle produces a beam of light which casts Reflect magic on all party members.)
Lv 1 - Healing Ruby - MP 6 - Recover Target's HP
Lv 5 - Poison Nail - MP 11 - Effect: Poison
Lv 24 - Shining Ruby - MP 44 - Mass Protect + Shell
Lv 44 - Glittering Ruby - MP 62 - Raises Stats of Party
Lv 55 - Meteorite - MP108 - Light Damage
Lv 65 - Healing Ruby II - MP124 - Recover Party's HP


Skill :
Judgment Bolt (Ramuh brings thunder and lightning down from the sky. The bolts come down on the enemy for powerful lightning-elemental damage.)
Lv 1 - Shock Strike - MP 6 - Effect: Stun
Lv 10 - Thunder II - MP 24 - Thunder Damage
Lv 29 - Thunder Spark - MP 38 - Deal Thunder Damage In Radius
Lv 31 - Thunder Hand Drum - MP 52 - Mass Enthunder
Lv 42 - Thunder Armor - MP 91 - Mass Shock Spike
Lv 60 - Thunder IV - MP118 - Thunder Damage
Lv 70 - Choas Strike - MP164 - Physical Attack Effect: Stun


Skill : Tsunami
(Leviathan creates a massive tidal wave. The tidal wave crashes down on the target for powerful water-elemental damage.)
Lv 1 - Barracuda Dive - MP 8 - Physical Damage
Lv 10 - Water II - MP 24 - Water Damage
Lv 26 - Tail Whip - MP 49 - Effect: Gravity
Lv 33 - Slowga - MP 48 - Mass Slow
Lv 47 - Spring Water - MP 99 - Recover Party's HP and Status
Lv 60 - Water IV - MP118 - Water Damage
Lv 70 - Spinning Dive - MP164 - Physical Attack


Skill :
Wind Storm (Garuda produces a ginormous tornado that engulfs the enemy doing massive
wind-elemental damage to the target.)
Lv 1 - Claw - MP 7 - Physical Damage
Lv 10 - Areo II - MP 24 - Wind Damage
Lv 25 - Vacuum Armor - MP 92 - Mass Blink
Lv 36 - Whispering Wind - MP119 - Recover Party's HP
Lv 48 - Hastega - MP112 - Mass Haste
Lv 60 - Areo IV - MP118 - Wind Damage
Lv 70 - Predator Claw - MP164 - Attack Three Times


Skill :
Howling Moon (Fenrir engulfs all the enemies in the radius in full Darkness.)
Lv 1 - Moonlit Charge - MP 17 - Effect: Darkness
Lv 11 - Crescent Fang - MP 19 - Effect: Paralyze
Lv 24 - Lunar Cry - MP 41 - Enemy ACC+Dodge Rate down
Lv 32 - Lunar Roar - MP 27 - Takes off two good status effects
Lv 43 - Ecliptic Growl - MP 46 - Mass STR,DEX,VIT+1, AGI,INT,MND,CHR+7
Lv 55 - Ecliptic Howl - MP 57 - Mass ACC+Dodge Rate up
Lv 65 - Eclipse Bite - MP109 - Attack three times

Source(s) : Gamefaqs and IGN faqs